Subfloor preparation

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Preparation of concrete floors (having old adhesive residue) to receive resilient floor coverings
Ensure that the old adhesive is sound and well adhered to the substrate. Any loose old adhesive should be removed.Repair any damaged concrete using either Niboplan ST400 or Ardex P45 Repair mortar.Level the floor using good quality latex levelling compound to a depth of at least 2mm.

How to lay a concrete subfloor and install vinyl or other floorcovering after approximately 24 hours

This method is suitable for screeds from 25mm to 150mm thick – note however that up to 50mm the screed must be bonded to the concrete base.Use Ardurapid 35 in place of Portland cement mixed 1:5 with screeding sand.

After 3 hours prime the surface with Nibogrund G17 primer.

Apply a coating of Niboplan 300 levelling compound.
The floor is ready to receive floorcovering after 24 hours.

How to install floorcovering on existing quarry tiles, terrazzo or similar non-absorbent surfaceTo a dry clean surface apply Arditex NA or Niboplan 300 (with Nibogrund G11 primer) or Feather Finish

How to prepare a suspended timber floor to receive floorcovering

Ensure existing timbers are stable and well fixed
Pre-level if necessary using Arditex NA levelling compound
Fit adequately thick marine plywood with screws at 300mm centres
Pre-smooth the joints and timber surface using Ardex Feather Finish.